Click on the thumbnail below to download the title page and table of contents and one chapter of the book (in English and Sanskrit on facing pages), bundled together as a .pdf file. You can also download the CSL Front Matter (6pp, 1.3mb). It describes how we transliterate the Sanskrit text in the Roman alphabet and includes a guide to pronunciation. It also explains our system of representing phonetic fusion (sandhi).

You can set Adobe Acrobat Reader to display the Sanskrit text and translation in facing page view. Simply go to “View” in the toolbar, select “Page Layout” and click on “Facing.”

“Bouquet of Rasa” and “River of Rasa” | More info
“Bouquet of Rasa” and “River of Rasa” “River of Rasa,” The Fourth Wave: “Description of the Involuntary Physical Reactions” (pp. 188–99)
(19 pp, 0.58mb)

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