New CSL Catalogue from New York University Press 02 July 2008
Follow the link to view the new CSL catalogue from New York University Press.

“Life of the Buddha” and “Handsome Nanda” featured in Urthona 24 June 2008
These two titles are featured in Issue 25 of Urthona, Buddhism and Art magazine. They plan to interview the translators in a future issue.

CSL Ramáyana Delights a “child genius” 17 June 2008

A landmark observational documentary called “Child Genius” follows ten of Britain’s most gifted children into adulthood. The first 90-minute programme was broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK in February 2007 and received extensive positive press reviews. One of the featured children, Michael Dowling, has an IQ of 170+ (off the scale on the Stanford-Binet IQ test). For his 13th birthday, Michael, a published novelist (he wrote his first novel when he was 8), receives a copy of the Clay Sanskrit Library’s Ramayana Book Three: The Forest. The scene involves Michael receiving the book to his delight and the family refer to the book as a family favourite.

Ten Must-have Volumes for Your Collection 06 June 2008
Find out the top ten sellers in the CSL series.

Epitome of Queen Lilávati featured in SOAS Centre of Jaina Studies Newsletter 03 June 2008
Richard Gombrich’s introduction to the Epitome of Queen Lilávati, featured in Issue 3 (February 2008) of the Centre of Jaina Studies Newsletter, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

Four New Volumes Published in October 2007 18 September 2007
Four new CSL volumes published in October 2007. Find out more here.

Religions of South Asia 18 September 2007
Review of the current volumes of the ‘Maha·bhárata’ by Simon Brodbeck. Read the article here.

The Clay Sanskrit Library and Electronic Publishing 05 September 2007
Stuart Brown of OxfordML discusses the way CSL is harnessing the power of electronic publishing to empower its workflow for print and web.

“Sanskrit Texts for All” 26 June 2007
CSL translator Greg Bailey featured in The Book Show on ABC Radio National, Australia.

New Extras for “The Birth of Kumára” and “Maha·bhárata Book VIII: Karna” 06 May 2007
Download and read the Sanskrit text-critical notes for The Birth of Kumára and emendations to the Sanskrit text for Maha·bhárata Book VIII: Karna.

Download new excerpts 18 April 2007
Download and read the excerpts from four of our volumes published in March and April 2007.

Review of CSL in Mint (Hindustan Times Media Company) 24 February 2007
Read the article (and the resulting discussion): “Finally, Sanskrit in Your Pocket: This hardback version of Kalidasa's Shakuntala is for the erudite as well as the lay reader” on the author’s blog.

An Introduction to the Maha·bhárata 23 February 2007
Read a new introduction to the Maha·bhárata written by Vaughan Pilikian.

"Buddhism Meets the World": A Review of "The Heavenly Exploits" 04 August 2006
Liz Wilson of Miami University reviews Joel Tatelman's translation of The Heavenly Exploits: Buddhist Biographies from the Dívyavadána, Volume 1.

New review in the Chronicle of Higher Education 06 July 2006
An overview of the Clay Sanskrit Library and the joys of Sanskrit literature in general.

Insights on December 2006 volumes 06 July 2006
Gain new perspectives on Clay Sanskrit Library's winter volumes with these enlightening insights written by their translators.

Details of December 2006 volumes 06 July 2006
Read descriptions and further information about the volumes being published by Clay Sanskrit Library this winter.

New in Book Extras: Ramáyana bibliography 08 June 2006
The full bibliography for the Ramáyana is now available for download.

Download new excerpts 08 June 2006
Download and read the excerpts from four of our new volumes.

World Sanskrit Conference, 10th - 14th July 2006 08 June 2006
The 13th World Sanskrit Conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 10th–14th July, 2006. Come and visit our display, where you will be able to browse all our current volumes.

Review: Whitney Cox on "Much Ado About Religion" 14 March 2006
Whitney Cox reviews Much Ado About Nothing in the Autumn/Winter 2005-06 issue of the University of Chicago South Asia Newsletter.

Download the full bibliography for "What Ten Young Men Did" 14 March 2006
The full bibliography for What Ten Young Men Did is now available.

Insights on September 2006 volumes 14 March 2006
Gain new perspectives on Clay Sanskrit Library's autumn volumes with these enlightening insights written by their translators.

Details of September 2006 volumes 14 March 2006
Read descriptions and further information about the volumes being published by Clay Sanskrit Library this autumn.

Corrections 01 February 2006
Here we provide a list of corrections for our volumes. We would be delighted to be informed of any mistakes which you may find in our books. Please write to:

Frequently Asked Questions 01 February 2006
Some of the frequently asked questions about our project and editorial policy. Also available for download.

Download Sandhi Table 19 January 2006
A must-have aid for all new learners for identifying word-breaks and beginnings of words. The table systematically lays out possible combinations of phonetic fusion (sandhi) of adjacent words in Sanskrit.

Join our mailing list 30 November 2005
Keep up to date with all CSL publications and activities by joining our mailing list. You will receive occasional notifications in your inbox with no further effort on your part. What could be easier?

Read reviews of the Clay Sanskrit Library 24 November 2005
Jain Spirit, a quarterly periodical with a Jainist perspective, has published a review of the Clay Sanskrit Library in general and a review of “The Epitome of Queen Lilávati Volume One” specifically. The Times Higher Education Supplement and Tricycle, a Buddhist publication, have both published reviews of the CSL. The Middle Stage blog has reviewed “What Ten Young Men Did.” And Bookforum features an interview with NYU Press’ Steve Maikowski.

Come to the CSL's launch in NYC, 6th December 2005 17 November 2005
Sanskrit Literature in Translation. Scholars and translators talk about the significance of this contribution to world literature. Book sale and reception follow. 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm, December 6th. Asia Society and Museum, 725 Park Avenue, New York.

Download the CSL Screen Goddess for your computer 01 October 2005
The Clay Sanskrit Library now has a beautiful screensaver for both Mac and Windows platforms.

Read a Review of the CSL from "The New Criterion" 01 August 2005
Eric Ormsby has written an insightful review of the first Clay Sanskrit Library volumes published, entitled “The jewel in the cobra’s mouth.”

New! Download the full annotation for "Much Ado About Religion" 01 August 2005
Csaba Dezsö has kindly made available a richer set of notes and a full bibliography for his translation of Bhatta Jayanta's “Much Ado About Religion.”