Review of “Garland of the Buddha’s Past Lives” (volume one) in Harper’s Magazine. Read it here (html).

October 2009

Urthona editor Dhivan Thomas Jones talks to Linda Covill and Patrick Olivelle, two translators of the great Indian Buddhist poet Ashva·ghosha. Read the article.

Issue 26, Summer 2009

A featured review article of the Clay Sanskrit Library by Aditya Behl entitled “Big cat, little cat” was published in The Times Literary Supplement (issue no. 5542, 19 June 2009). Read the article here.

19 June 2009

The Cosmic Uplink column entitled “Be Vigilant About Self-induced Delusion” by Vithal C. Nadkarni, which appeared in The Economic Times, cites the Clay Sanskrit Library’s “The Recognition of Shakúntala”.

20 June 2009

The Karna-Arjun Battle in The Maha-Bharat - Beyond Adjectives (HTML)

16 June 2009

“The Curious Case of Clay Turning to Gold” is a review of the Clay Sanskrit Library by Vithal C. Nadkarni, which appeared in The Economic Times.

6 May 2009

Review of the Clay Sanskrit Library by Jürgen Hanneder in ZDMG 158 (2008) pp. 496–99. You can download the article.


A review of The Epitome of Queen Lilávati, edited and translated by Richard Fynes, reviewed by Richard Gombrich. You can download the review article here. The complete newsletter is available here.

March 2008, Issue 3

Review of “Five Discourses of Worldly Wisdom, translated by Patrick Olivelle, reviewed by Jürgen Hanneder in ZDMG 158 (2008) pp. 224–28. You can download the article.


“Requiem for Sanskrit” by Willis Goth Regier discusses the whole range of CSL books published to date and considers the CSL project’s contribution to the wider world of literature and culture.

March-April, 2009

Comeuppance: Thoughts on popular education, storytelling and activism for a possible better world.

“Treasure trove of ancient classics” features Maha·bhárata VI: Bhishma (volume one of two) Including the “Bhagavad Gita” in Context.

01 January 2009

Read the review of “Life of the Buddha” by David Fowler posted on

21 July 2008

A blog which aims to “bring Sanskrit literature to a wider global audience.”

“Rasa in Action” is a review of “Bouquet of Rasa” and “River of Rasa.”

“Bhatti’s Poem: The Death of Rávana” is also reviewed here.

17 February 2009

Maha·bhárata VI: Bhishma (volume one) Including the “Bhagavad Gita” in Context is featured on the blog The Devoted Intellect, which is a living online companion to the book series The Intellectual Devotional. Read the entry here.


16 Nov 2008

A Sanskrit student’s blog on a wide variety of topics from education to literature. Read the author’s take on the Clay Sanskrit Library here. The site also provides flash cards for Sanskrit learners.

September 2008

Another blog discussion on David Shulman’s article in the New Republic. Read the entry here.

22 August 2008

Discussions by the blog author and readers about David Shulman’s article in the New Republic. Read here.

18 August 2008

Library Journal is the largest magazine for librarians in the United States. “Found in Translation: NYU Press, Clay Sanskrit Library Seek To Establish Indian Classics” includes interview with Steve Maikowski, director of NYU Press, and Sheldon Pollock, General Editor of CSL.

19 August 2008

Comments on David Shulman’s review article in The New Republic (see below). Read the entry here.

5 August 2008

“Siddhartha’s Saga” is a review of “Life of the Buddha” by Tim Kindseth, published in the Asia Edition of Time magazine. Read the article online.


11 August 2008 (Asia Edition, vol. 172, no. 5)

“Whismical actions” is the author’s verse rendering of Dandin’s What Ten Young Men Did. “On a whim, I decided to mashup some of the stories to a rhyming verse format…”

26 July 2008

Read “The Arrow and the Poem,” an enthralling review by David Shulman of the Clay Sanskrit Library in The New Republic.

13 August 2008

The Greatest Publishing Project of Recent Years - Conceived and Implemented in America (HTML)

28 June 2008

“Life of the Buddha” and “Handsome Nanda” featured in Urthona

24 June 2008

Pankaj Mishra lists CSL in his Book of the Year again for 2007 (HTML)
Following his selection of the Clay Sanskrit Library in the Guardian Books of the Year 2006, Pankaj Mishra picks out the CSL again for 2007: “These translations … promise to revolutionise our sense of the Indian past: it is the greatest publishing project of recent years.”

Review of ‘Handsome Nanda’ (PDF)

Fall 2007 issue, p. 75.

Review of ‘The Ocean of the Rivers of Story’ by David Elton Gay (HTML)

05 March 2008

Review of “Life Of The Buddha” by Alexander Gardner (PDF)

Spring 2008 issue, p. 76.

Review of the current volumes of the ‘Maha·bhárata’ by Simon Brodbeck (PDF)

June 2007 issue, pp. 132–134.

“Sanskrit Texts for All” — CSL translator Greg Bailey featured in The Book Show on ABC Radio National, Australia (HTML) or listen to the broadcast here.

26 June 2007

“Finally, Sanskrit in Your Pocket: This hardback version of Kalidasa's Shakuntala is for the erudite as well as the lay reader” (HTML)

24 February 2007

Pankaj Mishra names CSL in The Guardian Books of the Year 2006 (HTML)

25 November 2006

“Buddhism Meets the World”: Review of “The Heavenly Exploits” by Liz Wilson (HTML)

15 July 2006

Review of the Clay Sanskrit Library by Willis G. Regier (HTML)

3 March 2006

Review of “Much Ado About Religion” by Whitney Cox (PDF, 1.8mb)

Autumn/Winter 2005–06, pp. 12–13

100 Paths To Nirvana: Clay Sanskrit Library (HTML)

Dec/Jan 2006

The Birth Of Kumara, A New Translation Of Kumara Sambhava Of Kalidasa (HTML)

06 June 2005

Seventh-century Indian life in Dandin's Dasakumaracharita (HTML)

17 October 2005

The jewel in the cobra’s mouth (HTML)

May 2005

Script doctors’ blunders mar valuable texts (HTML, 20kb)

13 November 2005

Pocket Poets: Old India's Finest In Translation (PDF, 2.9mb)

Winter 2005