Translated by Vaughan Pilikian


Volume Two of ‘Drona’ begins in the aftermath of tragedy. As evening falls, Árjuna journeys wearily back to camp and is greeted by the ashen faces of his brothers. Before they speak, he guesses the worst. And the worst is right: his son Abhimányu is dead.

Árjuna is inconsolable. Insensible with rage, he vows to take revenge on the boy's killers. He swears that if they are not dead before another day passes, he will set himself alight. The world seems to shudder at his words.

At dusk a band of dark cloud had settled across the descending sun and at night the winds blew dry and moaning and full of foreboding. Lightning flared in the sky and there was thunder but no rain fell. The ground trembled beneath the trees in the groves and the copses, and beneath the rocks on the mountains. The sea where the fish live roiled and the rivers that wound down towards it began to flow uphill. All through the camps went the howls of beasts scenting blood on the wind. Death was opening the doors to his kingdom.

c. 394 pp.  |  ISBN-13: 978-0-8147-6776-4  |  ISBN-10: 0-8147-6776-1  |  Co-published by New York University Press and JJC Foundation

About the Translator

 Vaughan Pilikian translates and edits Sanskrit literature for the JJC Foundation, co-publishers (with NYU Press) of the Clay Sanskrit Library. He also translated Maha·bhárata VII: Drona (volume one of four).