By Nārāyaṇa
Translated by Judit Törzsök


The best-selling Hitopadeśa gives its reader much more than “Friendly Advice.” In one handy collection—closely related to the world-famous Pañcatantra or “Five Discourse on Worldly Wisdom”—Naráyana’s book combines numerous animal fables with human stories, all designed to instruct wayward princes. Tales of canny procuresses compete with those of cunning crows and tigers. An intrusive ass is simply thrashed by his master, but the meddlesome monkey ends up with his testicles crushed. One prince manages to enjoy himself with a merchant’s wife with her husband’s consent, while another is kicked out of paradise by a painted image.

This volume also contains the compact version of “King Víkrama’s Adventures,” thirty-two popular tales about a generous emperor, told by thirty-two statuettes adorning his lion-throne.

742 pp.  |  ISBN-13: 978-0-8147-8305-4  |  ISBN-10: 0-8147-8305-8  |  Co-published by New York University Press and JJC Foundation

About the Translator

Judit Törzsök is Lecturer in Sanskrit, Université Charles-de-Gaulle, Lille. She has also translated Rama Beyond Price for the CSL.