Translated by Justin Meiland


In one of the most famous passages in the “Maha·bhárata,” Dur·yódhana, the heroic but flawed king of the Káuravas, meets his end when he is dishonorably defeated in battle by his arch enemy, Bhima. Framing a fascinating account of the sacred sites along the river Sarásvati, the duel poignantly portrays the downfall of a once great hero in the face of a new order governed by Krishna, in which the warrior code is brushed aside in order to ensure the predestined triumph of the Pándavas.

470 pp.  |  ISBN-13: 978-0-8147-5737-6  |  ISBN-10: 0-8147-5737-5  |  Co-published by New York University Press and JJC Foundation

About the Translator

Justin Meiland has also translated Maha·bhárata IX: Shalya (volume one)Garland of the Buddha’s Past Lives (volume one) and volume two.