eCSL Translators

(in alphabetical order)

Alex Cherniak
B.A. in linguistics, philology and history; M.A. in Asian Studies (specializing in South Asia) from St. Petersburg State University.

Current positions: Lecturer in Hindi, University of Haifa; Lecturer in Sanskrit, Tel Aviv University.

Research interests: languages and literatures of South Asia (and beyond).

Oliver Fallon
Teacher of Sanskrit, St James School, London.

Matthew Kapstein
Director of Tibetan Religious Studies at the École Pratique des HautesÉtudes (Paris) and Numata Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies, University of Chicago.

Justin Meiland
• 1992 - 1994: Moderations in Classics at Oxford University.
• 1994 - 1997: BA in Sanskrit and Pali at Oxford University.
• 1998 - 1999: MA in Buddhist Studies at Bristol University.
• 1999 - 2003: DPhil at Oxford University in Sanskrit and Pali literature (specifically the Sanskrit epics and Pali Jatakas).
• 2004 - 2008: lecturer on PhD Programme in Buddhist Studies at Mahidol University, Bangkok.
• From 2011: barrister in civil law.

Vaughan Pilikian
Vaughan Pilikian translates and edits Sanskrit literature for the JJC Foundation, co-publishers (with NYU Press) of the Clay Sanskrit Library. MA (Cantab) in Classics 1996; MPhil (Oxon) Sanskrit 2001; Frank Knox Scholar (Harvard) 2001-3. Poetry: At Eclipse (2002). Films: Actaeon (2003), Mummers (2003) and The Curse Map (2004).

Andrew Skilton
Andrew Skilton is a Senior Research Fellow in Buddhist Studies at King’s CollegeLondon. Before that he was Senior Lecturer in Indian Religions, University of Cardiff, and has taught at SOAS, and McGill University. He also teaches Pali at the University of Oxford and edits the journal Contemporary Buddhism. His research interests include Buddhist literature and manuscripts and he continues to work on the Mahāyāna Buddhist text the Samādhirāja Sūtra. He also works on a major project to conserve and promote access to Buddhist manuscripts in Thailand, and is pursuingresearch into the pre-reform meditation practices of Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia.

Autumn 2016

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